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Ashley Alexandra Art

Golden Horizon

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Evoking the cherished echoes of childhood by the lakeside, where the wind would stir the waters into a lively turbulence, crafting distant whitecaps, yet paradoxically infusing an atmosphere of serene tranquility. In this piece, I harnessed the tactile nature of plaster, combining it with the fluidity of acrylics to explore the depth of emotion. My use of sand and pigments creates a unique texture that invites contemplation. I aimed to evoke a sense of serene introspection, reminiscent of gazing across a misty horizon where sky and earth converge. This artwork is an emotive journey, offering a tranquil presence in any space it inhabits.

Abstract landscape acrylic painting on canvas.

Blues, green, peach, brown, gold and white.

36” x 48” x 1.5”

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