Ashley Alexandra is an emerging contemporary abstract mixed media artist that resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Caught up in decades of education and the professional career grind, the pandemic and the inception of motherhood brought on a newfound love for embracing her passion for creativity. Ashley spends a lot of her time outdoors and her artwork showcases the inspiration she draws from the natural landscapes that she’s been fortunate to experience. Ashley’s art has been selected for exhibitions in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Italy. 

Working primarily in mixed media acrylics on canvas, Ashley’s process involves layering upon layering of textures and colours. Ashley’s artwork is largely inspired by natural landscapes. In her abstraction, the subjects lose all form, abandoning themselves to immateriality taking the viewer on a journey of her inner landscape.  Ashley’s artwork doesn’t always have a narrative or tell a story, but it does find its basis in abstracted versions of her memory in which a narrative has laid the foundation. Mixed media inspires Ashley to lean into creativity with the freedom to trust her intuition in creating something real from something that was purely ethereal.