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Ashley Alexandra Art

Ocean Spray

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Enthused by recollections of seaside moments, where I would sit by the ocean, mesmerized by the rhythmic dance of water splashing upon the rugged rocks, with the sun-kissed spray casting a dazzling, glistening spectacle. Imbued with raw passion, I crafted this piece using acrylics, sand, pigments, and plaster to capture the tumultuous essence of the sea. My abstract expressionist approach allows the observer to feel the power and emotion of nature's unstoppable force. This painting is a tempest of sentiment, offering a tangible vitality that fills the room with its dynamic presence. The textures beckon you to touch, engage, and ponder the depths of your own emotions.

Abstract landscape acrylic painting on canvas.

Blues, greens, beige, peach, gold and white.

20” x 20” x 1.5”

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